Manuscript Critique

A careful diagnostic evaluation of the entire manuscript; includes a 3-5 page, single-spaced report that covers strengths, areas for improvement, level of editing recommended, and specific action steps for you to develop the manuscript to its full potential, whether independently or in conjunction with an editor.


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Developmental Editing

The manuscript is complete, but it needs significant revision to reach its full potential. These revisions might be at the level of structure, pacing, characterization, organization, theme, plot, clarity, flow, and so on. This service includes close collaboration with you, the author, to successfully revise according to these and other concerns.


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Developmental Writing

The manuscript is at least 50% complete, yet substantial portions of the book need to be written. You have the overall concept, structure, and content planned. You may have rough drafts of the rest of the book, or you may only have an outline at this point and need help fleshing it out into full sections or chapters. This service includes both creation of content and the thorough editing of a developmental edit.


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You have a story to tell, and you are looking for a partner who can take your vision and transform it into an engaging book. Whatever your final goal for the book—whether publication, distributing to colleagues and employees, or sharing with family and friends—you want a book that you can be proud of. With ghostwriting, I work closely with you to turn your rough ideas into a finished, polished manuscript. You can be as involved with the process as you want to be; our approach will be adjusted to your needs and preferences.

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You are interested in more than the product—you want to learn the process. Although you may not be fully comfortable completing this book on your own, you want to develop and refine skills that will serve you in your writing career. While collaborating on your book, we will hone your craft as a writer and self-editor through a hands-on approach to the revision and/or composition process. My feedback will reflect a craft-oriented perspective that provides context for the creative issues at hand, explores the reasons behind each recommendation, and provides time-tested techniques and strategies for you to build your writer’s toolkit and grow in confidence and ability.


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