Guiding Philosophy

Writing a book is an intensely demanding undertaking. It is also exhilarating and unquestionably rewarding. Above all, it is personal—it is unique to you. Your words, built from the language of centuries, have never in history been combined as you will arrange them.

Like constructing a New York skyscraper, rebuilding a ’67 Chevelle engine, or setting off to scale K2, it requires planning, preparation, and effective execution. And similarly, unless you are equipped or experienced yourself, it requires a guide—someone who has walked this path before.

My passion is partnering with writers to see their vision come to life on the pages. It is their book, not mine; like a combination guide and porter, I’m along the trail to equip, advise, and support in whatever capacity is needed.

I have successfully led over two dozen book expeditions. To continue the metaphor, I know what to pack and what to leave, which trails lead to the summit and which terminate in pitfalls or dead ends. I have the assurance and confidence—borne of past experience—to bolster you up and carry you through the dark, dangerous passages of your book’s uncharted territory. The best guides are also teachers, encouragers, and engaging traveling companions who make the journey more enjoyable and worthwhile. I will do my best to be this for you.

Often, writing a book is thrilling and fluid in the early stages, the words and ideas tumbling forth. Later, it begins to feel like you are lost in the fog. If you are on your own, uncertainty can set in, followed by doubt. No help is in sight. The path is swallowed up by the wilderness, and you must push on alone or turn around in defeat.

At these times, a trusted partner can be indispensable, someone to say, “Yes, you can do this! Here’s how.” Some books, like some trips, can be effectively undertaken solo. Others are wisely carried out in tandem. Only you can decide which type of journey you are on.

Whether or not you choose to embark on this trip with me as your guide, I applaud you for your courage and daring, and I wish you the very best on your writing trek.

Seize the page!

- Tim