100 students’ feedback

The following student evaluations are from classes I have taught — all writing courses except for one literature course with a heavy writing component. Because all evaluations were done anonymously and unseen by me until after the course ended, no comments can be attributed.


Student Evaluations:


  1. I believe that Tim Boswell is EASILY one of the finest instructors I have ever had in any class, at any institution, at any time. He is passionate about English and writing, he has a great sense of understanding and command of the classroom, and is very open, communicative, and easily understood.


  1. I absolutely loved my instructor. He was a very well-rounded teacher. His teaching skills were always helpful and kind at the same time, which is hard to find these days. I have learned so much that I am trying to get into some of his classes for next semester.


  1. The instructor is honest, sincere, and kind, and I strongly believe that he genuinely cares about the successes and education of his students.


  1. He was one of the best instructors that I have had in my life.


  1. By providing a helpful and familiar environment in the classroom, he greatly improved my skills as a writer. Also, by having group discussions over our papers, I saw what others were doing with their own writing, and that changed my writing style for the better.


  1. Tim did an awesome job as a teacher. He came into class with enthusiasm, which brought the entire class’s energy up. He was very passionate and it showed through his enthusiasm. He was always sincere and helpful with his comments. I used to hate English class until I took his. Best professor yet.


  1. Everything about this course was awesome.


  1. I LOVE PROFESSOR BOSWELL. He is an amazing professor, and I would certainly recommend him to other people!


  1. I loved this class. I was worried when I came to college that my English class would be the hardest one, and English is my best subject. But thanks to Mr. Boswell I understood everything and became more confident in my writing. I really hope my next professor is even half as good.


  1. Professor Boswell is amazing. I have never had a teacher that really seemed to earnestly care about his students’ progress throughout the class. His classes seem to breeze by and are always entertaining and captivating. The fact that a professor would take time out of their busy schedule to write feedback that is so thorough that it exceeds a page just completely blows my mind. Awesome professor, awesome class, I wish I could have him again next semester.




  1. Professor Boswell is one of my favorite, if not my favorite professor. He is always on time, and arrives with an engaging lesson. He is one of the calmest and fairest persons I have ever met. I am never afraid to talk to him about any issues I may have with an assignment.


  1. Boswell did an amazing job as my English teacher this year. Not only did I learn a whole bunch and improve my writing, but he was always very understanding. The class was fair and well organized. I loved the class!


  1. Boswell is an excellent professor!! His class isn’t easy but I have learned so much! He seems to be very passionate about teaching and cares about his students. He is awesome at giving feedback on essays we write in class. My writing has really improved during this last semester. He is a very nice, approachable, and intelligent person.


  1. He did everything right.


  1. I feel that Mr. Boswell does a superb job, overall, as an instructor. His passion for literature and creative writing is very evident, and his passion helped to reignite my love for writing.


  1. Boswell did an excellent job of making sure that each and every comment made by a student was treated fairly, and I really appreciated that he was willing to hear so many different points of view and never treat any student like what they had to say was invalid. Probably one of the best English professors I’ve ever had.


  1. This was a great course, one of my favorite and most helpful.


  1. I almost dropped out of the class—just because it was challenging. However, I am very glad I didn’t. I feel more confident and passionate about writing—especially poetry, and I felt as if I grew as a writer (and even as a reader). Professor Boswell was open and understanding, but he also pushed us to submit both our raw and polished work. I’ve now started reading again, and I am not shy to say that Professor Boswell inspired me to start writing again. Thank you for all your help.


  1. Amazing teacher who truly respects his students. I would take another one of his classes and recommend him to my fellow students.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Boswell’s class. I think he is a great teacher. He always had such a good attitude and kept me very interested in the class. His great sense of humor also helped to keep my attention. I feel like my writing skills and overall understanding of writing have improved immensely. He needs a raise!


  1. I really enjoyed the class. I also think my writing skills have significantly improved through the semester.


  1. He was very helpful in clarifying the material. Overall, he kept the class very interesting despite the fact that it was at eight o’clock in the morning.


  1. Boswell helped me improve a great deal. I have really enjoyed this class. English has never been my strongest point but Mr. Boswell was very helpful. He delivers the material in a clear and understanding matter. He was also able to make the class enjoyable. It had the great combination of being fun and very instructive.


  1. Friendly and very polite!! He teaches students in a good way.


  1. I believe my instructor did an excellent job. He was always there to answer questions or to help in any way. His classes were always well organized and directed in a very professional manner. I would greatly enjoy taking another course with this instructor.


  1. Tim always had our class planned out and was very helpful with any questions we had. I enjoyed coming to class every day.


  1. Working in groups helped a lot in better understanding the material and getting additional perspectives on writings. The peer reviews definately improved my papers. I could usually see a big difference between the rough draft and the final paper.


  1. Boswell was a great instructor. I learned a lot.


  1. I enjoyed Mr. Boswell’s class very much. He was a fun teacher and always helped us in every way possible. I also liked how he involved the whole class with group activities and class discussions. Sometimes as a college student your classes are boring because you don’t know anyone and there is little excitement in the class. But Mr. Boswell made us talk to each other and even at 8 a.m. the room was buzzing with small talk because everyone was given the opportunity to get to know each other. I would love to have him as a course instructor again for another English class.


  1. I feel like my writing has improved greatly during the duration of this course.


  1. I thought that my instructor was extremely helpful throughout the semester. He had very entertaining writing activities for my classmates and I to do. I thought the class was great!


  1. I have to say that this was an amazing class. All of the material was presented in an interesting manner that held my interest, and helped me learn a lot about my writing abilities…. Basically, I loved the class, and I’m hoping that if I take any other college writing classes, that I’ll be able to get Mr. Boswell again. I really like him as a person and as a professor. =)


  1. He helps me understand how important and interesting writing is.


  1. Boswell was a very good teacher. He has helped me very much, and quite often. He was a positive teacher and good person as well. If it were up to me I would have him again.


  1. Boswell is a great teacher who I would recommend to anyone. He definitely knows what he is teaching. He helped me develop as a writer. He is a fair and excellent teacher.


  1. I think he did an awesome job.


  1. I felt more confident and capable in my writing and am now able to show my work to the public with his teaching. I have even written different stories to see what I can do as a writer. He is a great instructor for the course.


  1. Boswell was a great teacher. He always gave clear reasoning and examples when backing his criticisms of assignments. He made the class interesting and fun.


  1. I really enjoyed how the classes were set up. We had a good balance between group and individual work. I also enjoyed being able to critique papers in a small group in class.


  1. Boswell always came to class prepared with interesting activities for us all. He was sensitive to our feelings, and made sure everyone was treated equally while in class. He also provided quick email feedback to students who had questions and concerns. Overall he is an outstanding instructor.


  1. Overall, my instructor was a great teacher. He always clearly stated what needed to be done and how he expected us to complete our assignments.


  1. I thought that my instructer did an excellent job of teaching this course. Before this course I hated to write, now I enjoy writing.


  1. My teacher did a really good job at improving my writing style. He was a very informative teacher, and I like that he got the students involved in the class, instead of just giving lectures. The class was interesting because we got to write about a lot of different topics, and in a lot of different writing styles. Overall, I really enjoyed the class.


  1. Took the time to fully explain what he wanted out of each paper and offered ideas that jumpstarted my brain.


  1. He made himself available at all times and gave really good feedback during conferences.


  1. My instructor helped me an incredible amount on how to improve my writing assignments by making me go beyond the obvious.


  1. This class was taught very well. I really enjoyed my time as a student in this class. I was able to get very helpful feedback on my papers and it was awesome.


  1. He was a great teacher. Very helpful and always kind.


  1. He was very encouraging and always available for help and helped spark ideas. He frequently had the class actively participate in groups and as a whole. That helped keep class interesting and having peer feedback helps.


  1. The freedom he granted me with my writing assignments allowed me to pursue topics I found interesting. Many professors have forced writing assignments, which kill most of my desire to write. This class made writing for academia less terrifying. Thanks.


  1. I think this class was great and really helped me to be a better writer.


  1. You should give this man more money, simple as that. In addition to being a nice, approachable person he is also an incredible teacher. He engages students to participate in class while making it a fun atmosphere. I learned a lot from him and will miss him next year.


  1. Boswell was very respectful, enthusiastic, and diligent. He was a joy to have as a lecturer!


  1. I enjoyed taking a class with this instructor. He made his students want to come to class. The class actually engaged in discussions and he always welcomes any type of opinions and/or comments. His grading is fair and he uses the class time wisely.


  1. Boswell was a real help in improving my writing skills.


  1. Overall, Mr. Boswell was an excellent teacher. I thought he was very well mannered and presented the material in a positive light. I have learned a great deal from him not only in terms of writing, but in terms of being a gentleman as well.


  1. Incredibly patient, accessible, and able to communicate effectively with students of all levels.


  1. Great class, Mr. Boswell is an excellent teacher and I definitely learned a ton.


  1. My instructor was always available and willing to help me and the rest of the students with our writing. Exceptionally helpful!


  1. Professor Boswell was a very inspiring teacher. His discussions were deep and were very well-participated in.


  1. Boswell overall was an excellent English instructor. He was insightful, engaging, and well-prepared. I believe that he developed my abilities in writing and critical thinking by creating assignments and activities that facilitated my learning well. He was fair as well as caring, and he was extremely willing to help us out. Mr. Boswell is great.


  1. Overall I enjoyed the class and feel like I learned a lot and really brought my writing up to a new level.


  1. My instructor this semester made my English class fun, informative, interesting, and applicable. I feel that he has truly helped me become a better writer for a variety of different writing styles and requirements. Additionally, I felt that the instructor was well informed, organized, and responsible. I would recommend Mr. Boswell as an instructor for anyone.


  1. As someone who already took two years of creative writing courses in high school, most of the concepts of the course came fairly easily to me. The major difference was just the difference of terms used for things (i.e. “pattern” instead of “cadence”, or “word choice” instead of “wordsmithing”), but I think that Prof. Boswell helped a lot in the actual storytelling elements of my work. For instance, while most of my other classmates focused on stylistic problems or adding/taking away from the narrative, he would cut to the tension and rhythm of the story and help me improve things of the like. He was very knowledgeable and seemingly passionate about what he teaches, and class was often looked forward to on workshopping days. I do think that my writing has vastly improved over the semester and I hope that I can continue to learn the craft in such a manner as Boswell would teach.


  1. Instructor was great! Very encouraging, provided a warm, open atmosphere, and appreciated different students’ diverse talents.


  1. The structure of this course was great—the fact that students were teaching each other with presentations was helpful, interesting, and provided significant insight on each aspect of the course material. I especially enjoyed the in-class writing exercises because they helped provide inspiration and made it more clear what I was doing well and what I was doing that was counter-productive.


  1. He was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and was a fair teacher and had reasonable expectations for the students.


  1. Instructor was interesting and interactive with clear and well-developed thoughts concerning course material.


  1. Doctor Boswell was a wonderful instructor! I learned so much about American Literature in this class and particularly enjoyed our class discussions on the literary pieces that we read. Over the past two papers I’ve written for this class I have improved my writing skill because of the comprehensive feedback that I received from Doctor Boswell.


  1. Professor Boswell did a great job with conducting and organizing the course. He opens up the floor for everyone to share their thoughts about the text we are focusing on. I actually didn’t feel like I was a complete idiot when I did share what I got from the text, which is something that I really liked.


  1. My instructor was a great help to me improving my writing and understanding of the course. I felt that all grading was very fair and I couldn’t have asked for a better class experience. I would recommend this class to anyone.


  1. Boswell was a blessing to me this year. I was loaded down with course work, and he truly made it his best effort to accommodate any needs I had in order to complete his work with satisfaction. GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE!


  1. Great way of teaching, professor made class interesting and very easy to follow.


  1. Before attending this class, I was concerned that it was going to be difficult, but Professor Boswell teaches in such a way that it made this course fun and enjoyable.


  1. Course content was structured well and everything kept your mind flowing and thinking.


  1. As a professor, Dr. Boswell was excellent. He has certainly been one of the best professors I’ve ever had. He always explains things clearly and breaks it down so that we can understand the subjects completely. He is always very consistent and timely with grades. He doesn’t overwhelm us with assignments and activities and is a great teacher. I’ve enjoyed this class very much and I wish all my future professors could be as efficient, as kind, as helpful, and as caring as Dr. Boswell. Thank you for a great semester!


  1. Course is very interesting and teaches skills everybody should know, both written and verbally.


  1. Boswell was very knowledgeable about the course. I could tell that this is a job he enjoys and does very well at. His grading is quick and gives plenty of feedback. His lectures were lively in the sense that it kept me interested for an entire 3 hours every Thursday. When I was having trouble he could answer all questions posed with little hesitation. His class was very enjoyable.


  1. Boswell is great.


  1. Boswell was extremely helpful whenever I didn’t understand an assignment. He was very respectful of everyone in the class and their opinions. Dr. Boswell made literature much more interesting than just reading a story. Overall very impressed with this course and the instructor.


  1. Professor Boswell seems to genuinely care for his students and he is both thorough and helpful while grading. He was by far my favorite professor and I wish I could have him again next semester.


  1. Teacher was great. Very relaxed, yet still interesting enough to maintain focus during lectures. Great one on one time with every student, listens very intensively.


  1. I usually don’t like a lot of English classes, but I loved his. He shows great attitude toward his students and is willing to help.


  1. Instructor was very respecting of different views, encouraged discussion and understanding. Gave positive feedback.


  1. Instructor seems very knowledgeable about content taught. He goes very in depth and makes sure that everything he says is making sense to the students…. He usually returns graded papers in a week, which in this class was every time our class met.


  1. Class was always conducted in a timely manner and time used efficiently. Dr. Boswell was very knowledgeable and able to answer any question I had very effectively. All papers were returned in a timely manner.


  1. I felt the instructor has a good grasp on the material taught in this class. He is able to teach it in a way that is easy to understand. He promptly answers questions in class or via email. He also uses engaging presentations in class that require active participation from the class.


  1. The best English I have had since my freshman year in high school. He is helpful, kind, and understanding.


  1. Instructor was always prompt. Very knowledgeable in the material he was teaching. I was very comfortable discussing issues with my writing with him. I always received constructive feedback.


  1. Boswell is a great instructor! He made class interesting and fun. He is prompt with feedback and returning graded work. He really knows the subject matter and enjoys teaching. I look forward to taking another class with Dr. Boswell.


  1. Instructor was always prompt and ready for class. Very knowledgeable about the course and material covered in class, was also very clear when explaining. Material was organized well and covered thoroughly. Presentation was clear and understood well by students.


  1. I think my professor was very good at giving feedback to our papers which helped me a lot in improving my writing skills.


  1. My instructor was always prepared and extremely helpful. He used interesting examples to engage the class.


  1. Boswell is a very knowledgeable professor who knows exactly what he’s talking about, and is very fair with his grading, answers questions promptly, and gives detailed and positive feedback. He also made English really fun and memorable!


  1. Papers are graded quickly, sometimes with such an amount of in-depth commentary I don’t understand how such in-depth feedback for so many papers at once is possible. Really makes all students think deeply and reflect on how to improve writing.


  1. My professor is a great one. He stays on topic, keeps the class’s attention very well, and tells many funny stories.


  1. My instructor was always prompt and engaging. He knew what he was doing and always provided in-depth feedback for every single individual. He is very understanding and I always felt comfortable in this classroom. Had I been intimidated I probably would not have improved at all. He set the bar for all my future professors.


  1. Boswell was exceptional! I thoroughly enjoyed his class and his teaching style. I learned a great deal and became very comfortable with the classroom environment that he fostered.


  1. I loved this class.


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