What are the average timelines for each service?


Timelines vary drastically from one project to another and will depend on your availability and mine, the length of the book, the extent of revisions needed, and other factors unique to each collaboration. As a rough estimate, you should allow approximately 4-6 weeks for a Manuscript Critique; approximately 3-5 months for Developmental Editing; approximately 4-6 months for Developmental Writing; and approximately 9-12 months for Ghostwriting.


How is success or completion determined for each service?


At the beginning of the project, I will send a detailed outline of the proposed revisions to the manuscript. We will discuss and refine this together until we are both satisfied with the revision plan. The service is completed when the revisions are accomplished to our mutual satisfaction.


Do you offer agency, publishing, distribution, or marketing services?


At this time, services are restricted to editing, writing, and coaching.


Do you offer basic copyediting or proofreading services?


As part of my efforts to bring your book to its full potential, I will copyedit your manuscript regardless of the editing service you select. I do encourage you to either line edit and proofread the MS yourself or to engage other people for these tasks, as you see fit. I do not offer copyediting or proofreading services on their own.


What type of manuscripts do you accept for editing, writing, or critique services?


I accept nonfiction manuscripts of all types—self-help, travel, religion, business, memoir, and so on. I accept novels, short story collections, and creative nonfiction, but I do not accept plays, screenplays, or poetry, as I feel other editors would be more qualified to handle these particular types of creative work.


What forms of payment due you accept?


I accept mailed checks or money orders and payments through PayPal, which includes options to pay with a debit card, credit card, or through PayPal credit, offering no-interest financing. You will receive an emailed invoice with a link to PayPal, and all information is collected through their secure site. For local clients, I also accept large wads of cash wrapped in rubber bands and delivered by mysterious figures on moonlit street corners; email me for the code phrase.

When is payment due?


One-half of the payment is due at the beginning of the project when service begins; the other half is due at completion. For ghostwriting, the payment is broken into thirds, with one third due at the start, another third when halfway through the project, and the final third upon completion.


What if I have other questions?


Ask them! Email me with any questions, concerns, ideas, or thoughts at timboswell@hotmail.com. I look forward to meeting you across the miles.